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There are thousands of courthouses spread throughout the United States. Those courthouses hold millions of records we can to access for you. Choose a state to find the county where you’re trying to locate court documents. We can provide a list of all the available county courts within a state. From there, you can see data ranging from criminal records to case details. We provide access to county courts in all 50 states. You can find documents almost any court you need in the U.S.

Are you interested in finding the number of felons in Denali County, Alaska? Would you like to see the statistics for DUIs in Bourbon County, Kentucky? Maybe you just want to know about the amount of sex offenders living in your own home county. Pick a state and find your county from the available list. From there you can dig through court records to find the data you’re looking for.

Maybe you need contact info for the courts themselves. The site will list the physical address for the courthouse along with its phone number. You can also see the people that work there. Users can identify the District Attorney for the county along with their phone number. You can see the various judges and the courts they preside over. Even the court clerks are listed. Use if you need to contact a judge or DA in a particular state or county.

Reasons to Request Court Records

Find Criminal Records in Your County

County courts are the place to find local criminal records. These are thousands of records available for you to know about criminals in your community.

Understand Court Case Details

You can access public details of past cases. This provides people with a better understanding of specific court hearings. Know who the presiding judge or even the district attorney was.

Look Up Rates for Felonies & Misdemeanors

With county court records comes access to all available criminal records. That means you can determine how many people in a county have committed felonies and misdemeanors. From these, you can learn the percentage of the state that has committed these crimes.

Search for Sex Offenders in Your County

There’s a lot you can learn from public criminal records. These records include records for sex offenders. That means you can find sex offenders living in your community. Unearth records for sex criminals in your area. You can also find repeat offenders and more.

At, we make getting court records quick and convenient. Simply select your state and county and let our database do the rest. We have thousands of public court documents for you. Select your state now to find the court data you need.