Sex Offender Registry

Gain peace of mind through knowledge of who is around you and your family. offers a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area. Search by address to locate registered sex offenders near you or in any neighborhood in the United States.

Sex Offender Database

A sex offender database compiles personal information about registered sex offenders, including their name and address. Most of these databases are public, but some are private. The public databases are maintained by individual states throughout the U.S. and are connected to the National Sex Offender Registry.

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Sex Offender Registration

Convicted sex offenders are registered in every state and tribal county in the U.S. The sex offender registration system was designed to track the location of these individuals to maintain personal and residential information. Registered sex offenders are limited in certain civic rights and have residential restrictions.

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Sex Offender Search

Protect yourself and your family by searching for registered sex offenders today. maintains the most up to date public records database of sex offenders in the U.S., including address, name, physical characteristics and convicted offense. Search by address to find sex offenders near you for free.

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