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If you are looking for peace of mind and protection for your family and yourself, CriminalSearches gives you the best and most up-to-date tool available today. Our unique database includes entries of hundreds of millions of adults who hold a criminal record across the U.S. Our records include a large selection of crimes. We do the hard work of putting it all together so that you don't have to. Having access to criminal records across the U.S. can be incredibly helpful when it comes to knowing what kind of criminals are most prevalent in your state, what crimes you should be on the lookout for, and which locations near you have the highest and lowest rates of crime.

Because our database pulls in information from public criminal databases dating back decades, we can easily give you an idea of criminal activity now compared to what it used to be like in any given area. We also make it easy to view criminal activity by category so you have a clearer picture on whether or not a certain kind of criminal activity is happening in your area compared with other kinds of crime.

We make staying aware of your surroundings easy. Whether you're preparing to move, going on a vacation, or just want to know the criminal activity in your area, CriminalSearches.com is your top resources for staying ahead of criminals.

If you're trying to find criminal records by county, our county court lookup tool gives you a hassle-free way to review criminal records anywhere in the country. Plus, our record goes back decades, so you'll be able to see changes in activity over time. That means if you're trying to find information about crimes committed in the past anywhere, you'll be able to find out more information. We break it down by state, county, and even city to let you know what kinds of crimes are happening anywhere in the U.S.

About Criminal Records

Criminal records in the U.S. include accounts of infractions, misdemeanors, sex offenses, and more serious felonies. Criminal records also include traffic and DUI offenses. CriminalSearches.com pulls together criminal records from local, state, and federal agencies to bring you detailed case information.

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Sex Offender Search

Sex Offender Search is a free service to help provide easy access to a list of registered sex offenders in the United States. Use CriminalSearches.com to help learn about your neighborhood or places you visit. Records are included in all 50 states. Search by address to locate registered sex offenders in any zip code in the United States.

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County Court Results

CriminalSearches.com offers a courthouse search to search by state and by county in the United States. As a powerful jurisdiction service, the search includes information about any county courthouse, including phone numbers, District Attorney and Clerk contact information. Sign up for Criminal Seaches.com unlimited subscription to search for people in all 50 states.

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